“METALLICA” the best place to buy personalized gifts both online and offline in Bangladesh. Amecon is a well-established brand in the personalized gifts segment and Metallica is the sister concern of this renowned company. Choose from a wide range of photo mugs, plaques, photo frames, photo crystals, office accessories, handicrafts, leather items, pens, keyring, signage, metal plates, medals, bags, boxes, jute materials, and hundreds of other gifts. We took a year to think about our goals and targets. Not because we are dumb, but we wanted to get our DNA right, we wanted to get our market right, we wanted to get our approach right. And finally, we found salvation in 3 simple and often much talked about words: Innovative, Agile, and Consumer-centric. Everything we think, we do, we focus on, is guided by these 3 simple words. In other words, we drive innovation in everything we do; we do it quickly; and we focus on our customers.